Ferrari Customers Can Now Order A Scale Model To Perfectly Match Their Car

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Crafted by Amalgam Collection, this is no ordinary scale model.

Customers who buy one of several new Ferrari models will now also be able to order an exquisite scale model of their car that matches its unique specification, thanks to Amalgam Collection.

This renowned maker of model cars has wowed us before with replicas of classics like the Ford GT in iconic Gulf Oil livery. In photos, it's often impossible to distinguish Amalgam's works of art from real cars, such as the obsessive attention to detail.

Now, owners purchasing a Roma, 812 Superfast, 812 GTS, Portofino M, SF90 Stradale, or SF90 Spider from a Ferrari dealer can order a 1:8 or smaller 1:12 scale model to match their ride perfectly.

Amalgam Collection/YouTube Amalgam Collection/YouTube

"We have enjoyed a closer cooperation with Ferrari since 1998," said Amalgam in a statement on social media. "That partnership has now been taken to a new level of engagement with the launch of a program offering a bespoke Amalgam model as an option."

Amalgam promises that models at both scales are guaranteed to "capture every aspect of the customer's specification in fine detail, fully supported by the design and specification teams at Ferrari."

On its website, Amalgam describes the process of creating a tailor-made scale model in more detail. Once a 50% non-refundable deposit has been paid, customers can expect a lead time of around 35 weeks - that alone is an indicator of the effort that goes into each model car.

Amalgam Collection/YouTube Amalgam Collection/YouTube

The final Ferrari scale models are presented on carbon fiber bases, and they can even be ordered with display pedestals and overhead lighting tablets. For the 1:8 models, customers can expect the model cars to have opening doors and, if applicable, opening engine covers.

Amalgam has yet to provide a price for these unique Ferrari scale models as they will likely differ based on each customer's specification. However, as an idea of what to expect, the company currently lists a Ferrari 250 GTO 1:8 scale model for a staggering $19,495, while a bespoke 250 GTO is currently being built at a cost of $28,595.

Yes, you could buy yourself a new Honda Civic for less than that. For the typical Ferrari client, though, it's small change and a worthy addition to any high-end display cabinet or office desk.

Amalgam Collection/YouTube Amalgam Collection/YouTube Amalgam Collection/YouTube

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