Ferrari Debuts Glass-Roof FF in Paris

New glass roof lets the light in, but keeps the heat out. But is it worth the extra weight?

While Ferrari didn't have any new vehicles to display at the Paris show this year, that doesn't mean it didn't have what to showcase. Featuring on the Ferrari stand at the Parisian expo was a version of the FF with a new panoramic glass roof. Displayed on a silver example of Ferrari's four-seat, four-wheel-drive shooting brake, the glass roof aims to open up the FF's cabin to let more light in. According to Ferrari, the new roof is made of a special reflective glass that provides "a genuine open-air driving feeling, while providing thermal and acoustic insulation."

Sounds nice to us, but we can't help but wonder if the roof is worth the extra weight. By adding a heavy glass panel on the roof of the car, any car will suffer from a higher center of gravity, which would invariably adversely affect the car's handling. And that, at the end of the day, is what a Ferrari is really all about.

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