Ferrari Designers Break Down The Vision Gran Turismo Concept

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Ferrari says this new study will inform future Ferrari models.

If you asked us about the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo and its design, we'd say we see some hints of the SF90 in the car, plus some Ferrari F1 car, plus a little Le Mans car. Frankly, that's pretty boorish and uneducated, so perhaps it's better to listen to Ferrari's designers break things down.

The video below does just that, as luck would have it, with Ferrari designers explaining why the brand's digital racer looks the way it does. As a quick refresher, the Vision Gran Turismo is not only for the game Gran Turismo 7, but a 1,300 horsepower representation of "represents a futuristic design manifesto for Ferrari's road and racing cars" that redefines Ferrari's design language for the future.

Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari

As Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni tells it, Ferrari designers set out on the project two and a half years ago. They were told by Manzoni to design "the most beautiful, most futuristic car in the world." Head of Advanced Design, Matteo De Petris, and his team were put in charge of the project alongside Manzoni.

De Petris says the design process was similar to that of a production model, beginning with a hand sketch. One of the primary points of inspiration was a futuristic endurance race car, which is very evident in the car's shape. Ferrari says it wanted "a modern design with exaggerated proportions." That's clearly evidenced by the car's bulbous wheel arches.

Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari

The car has two large aerodynamic channels flanking the cockpit. This greatly influenced the design of the car, as everything had to be constructed around the two channels, which emerge just aft of the cockpit. Much like a Formula 1 car, the overall shape is hugely affected by the way the air interacts with the vehicle.

Ferrari interior designer Thomas Granjar tells us about the interior, and the ethos of it will clearly inform future Ferrari interiors. "We wanted the interior to be human-centered and essential. All the elements [in the cockpit] adapt to the driver's position."

It'll be interesting to see how these principles influence design in the future, as Ferrari's current models certainly aren't influenced by many of the things that led to the design of the Vision Gran Turismo.

Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari Ferrari

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