Ferrari Driver Chases Ferrari's 1,000-HP Hybrid Prototype


It's hilarious to watch the Ferrari test driver desperately trying to get away from the pursuing fans.

Ferrari is expected to debut its new hybrid supercar in just a couple of weeks, with recent reports claiming it will have nearly 1,000 horsepower on tap. Yes, that means it will be even more powerful than the LaFerrari. Before the big debut, a prototype of Ferrari's upcoming hybrid has been caught on video roaming the streets of Italy by some fans who happened to be driving a 488 Spyder. After spotting the camouflaged prototype, the driver did what any other hardcore Ferrari fan would do in this situation: they give chase.

"Just spotted a new prototype. Forgive our excitement and laughter as the driver was trying all the time to hide from us in the parking lot and took different exits to get away. When being chased by a 488 Spyder, that's not an easy thing to do," the fan wrote on Instagram.

It's hilarious to watch as the Ferrari test driver desperately tries to get away from the pursuing fans to prevent the car from being recorded. First, they pull into a parking lot and attempt to hide behind a row of cars, but the driver in the 488 is following their every move. Eventually, the test driver pulled back onto the road and was again followed by the 488 but was able to lose them after indicating left but turning right instead.

While the prototype was heavily camouflaged, the size shape appears to resemble the F8 Tributo that replaces the 488 GTB. In particular, the shape of the rear spoiler and the front nose closely resemble the F8 Tributo. However, the exhaust looks different as the tailpipes are mounted up higher and are positioned closer together than the regular model's. An electrocution hazard sticker on the side of the car also indicates it's a hybrid.

According to a leaked invitation, Ferrari's new hybrid supercar will debut on May 31 and will have 986 horsepower. Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri has confirmed this model will sit above the 789-horsepower 812 Superfast. Technical details are unknown, but it's expected to pack either a twin-turbocharged V6 or a twin-turbocharged V8 with electrical assistance. It will be one of five new Ferrari models launching this year,

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