Ferrari-Driving 18-Year-Old Millionaire Charged With Fraud

Oh, they're just going to love him in prison.

Meet Sam Cook. He’s not your typical 18-year-old finishing up high school and looking forward to college. That's because Cook has just been charged with six allegations of fraud totaling more than 100,000 UK pounds. This is the same Sam Cook who earlier this year was featured in The Sun and The Herald, bragging how he turned 2,000 pounds into 21 million pounds in a year. During that time he bought things because that’s what newly minted teenage millionaires apparently do. Diamond watch? Check. Ferrari F430 Scuderia?

You’re looking at both Cook and the car in the photo shown here. According to The Supercar Kids, he paid 190,000 pounds for the used F430, which was a fairly conservative buy for someone with millions. Anyway, his whole money-making business started off like this: he initially borrowed the 2k from his dad, then traded assets with other countries which netted 23k. Next came trading in the stock and currency markets. Earlier this year Cook was working to set up his own brokerage firm with a total of 30 staff. Then the police's Financial Investigation Unit further inquired about him after reading The Herald Interview. Cook will soon appear in court for those six allegations as well as for driving a vehicle without L-plates; "L" as in "Learner."

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