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Ferrari Earns How Much Profit For Every New Car Sold?

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Hint: It's more than the average US yearly income.

One of the first things a newly wealthy individual often goes out to buy is a Ferrari. Can't blame them, of course, but the draw of that famous prancing horse emblem is strong and brings with it a lot of prestige and attention. But most expensive new cars also churn a healthy profit, and Ferrari is certainly no exception.

According to Germany's boerse-express.com via a study conducted by Duisburg-based economics professor Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, Ferrari earns a beyond impressive 69,000 euros (about $80,000) operating profit per 280,000 euros car.

By comparison, Porsche earns almost 17,000 euros in profit per vehicle, which is twice as profitable as fellow German brands Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz for every new vehicle they sell. At the opposite end of the earnings spectrum, according to the same study, Jaguar Land Rover earns a mere 800 euros per vehicle sold.

Tesla, however, loses an estimated 11,000 euros per car sold. Interestingly, Bentley also loses money per car sold, calculated at 17,000 euros per vehicle. Seriously? Bentley? The study did note that Bentley is currently heavily investing in new technologies such as electrification, a factor that could dampen operating profits.

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But the fact of the matter remains: Ferrari is not only one of the most powerful brands in the world today but is also extremely profitable when it comes to selling individual cars (alongside plenty of merchandise). None of the automakers listed above confirmed the study's figures, but a 2017 report did clarify, more or less, Porsche's profit per vehicle, listed at $17,225, while Mercedes and BMW averaged about $5,000 per vehicle. Going by today's conversion rate, 69,000 euros is nearly $80,000. For the record, the average US yearly income is roughly $60,000.