Ferrari Enzo Devours Hill Roads in Monaco

Riding shotgun in a silver Enzo as it makes its way around some hilly roads is an experience worth sharing.

Less than 400 Ferrari Enzos exist in the world. You would be forgiven for thinking those that own these rare machines would have them kept under wraps in a climate controlled garage 24/7. While that may be the case for most owners, some have the balls and joie de’vivre to take their V12-powered berlinetta out to play from time to time. Along with some awesome rallying antics we now have this video courtesy of Worldsupercars who rode shotgun in his friend’s Argento Nurburgring colored Ferrari Enzo around the hills above Monaco.

The drive was through some scenic hills where the Prancing Horse chewed up the road and powerslided around the hairpins all the while making an epic 12-cylinder symphony through its beautiful sounding straight pipes.

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