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Ferrari Enzo Prototype on 348 Body for Sale in Germany

Last time it sold in 2011, it brought in €750,000.

Whenevera one-off car goes up for sale, especially in the case of unique Ferraris, itis guaranteed to get a lot of attention from gearheads and collectorsfrom across the globe. But in the case of a Ferrari Enzo test mule, fitted to astretched 348 body with several elements from an F355, a stir of excitementfrom across the automotive world is just about guaranteed. The prototype wasused by the company in the development of the epic Enzo, and is said to haveall the supercar goodness of that model underneath.

The Enzo mule is currently up for sale on German websiteModena-Motorsport with no listed price. However, this isn't the first time ithas gone on sale, and the last time it hit the market in 2011 it was eventuallysold for €750,000. Underhood is the Enzo's V12 engine, producing amouthwatering 670 horsepower. We have a feeling it isn't going to stay listedfor long.

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