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Ferrari Enzo Racer Goes Swimming in the Great White North

The Italian supercar takes a quick dip in the Atlantic.

The Targa Newfoundland Rally Race is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. The 1,300 mile race features some of Canada's most harrowing terrain through some wet and risky weather conditions. The cause celebre of the ceremonial race so far this year was the claimed 'world's fastest' Ferrari Enzo going for a swim midway through the race. The $1.5 million dollar custom Italian supercar-turned-racer was piloted by ZR Auto's head Zahir Rana.

The Ferrari FXX (limited edition) can pump out 840 hard to control horsepower and hits 62mph in a scant 3.2 seconds. The 240 mph-capable supercars crashed into the Atlantic Ocean and thank the Canadian God of Baby Seals neither Rana nor his co-pilot were hurt. The Targa Newfoundland Rally Race runs from September 10th-17th.

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