Ferrari Enzo Replacement Engine Details Begin to Emerge

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Will it be faster than the Bugatti Veyron? That's Ferrari's goal.

Although Ferrari just revealed their new F12berlinetta at the Geneva Motor Show last month, the next model the Italian supercar builder is expected to launch is the highly anticipated Enzo replacement. While we've seen a couple of spy shots in the past, Ferrari has kept a tight lid on most details regarding their next offering. However, a new report coming from Motor Trend sheds some light on what we can likely expect from the gates of Maranello sometime next year.

Likely to be called the F70 (think a continuation of the F40 and F50), this mid-engined rear-wheel-drive machine was at one point rumored to have a direct-injected, turbo V8 engine instead of a V12. Fortunately, that was just what it was: a rumor. Motor Trend is claiming the F70 will have the same 6.3-liter V12 as the F12 and FF. To give this an even happier ending, Ferrari will be making this engine even more powerful than its output in the two aforementioned models. All told, it should have around 800hp. What's more, the engine will also be mated to a KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) driveline that has a 120hp electric motor.

Interestingly, this motor "allows zero-emission travel under light load, but can also assist the V12, bring the car's net power output to 920hp." Total weight is also a factor and Ferrari has a target number of around 2550 lbs. There will be a carbon fiber body and an aluminum chassis as well. Not surprisingly, Ferrari wants the F70 to be both faster off the line and overall than the Bugatti Veyron and it could actually beat the Veyron's 0 to 62mph time of 2.46 seconds. Pricing will more than likely be north of the Enzo's $700,000 sticker and the actual build number will be quite limited.

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We may begin to receive some early images as early as this fall when Ferrari begins to show it to preferred/existing customers, but the F70 will likely have its official debut next March at the Geneva Motor Show. Renderings courtesy of Scott Olsen/Motor Trend

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