Ferrari Enzo-Replacing F70 Caught Cruising on the Road

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The successor to the iconic Enzo has been captured on film.

Lo and behold, the successor to the ever-popular Enzo has finally been caught on film. Set for a debut at the Paris Motor Show in September, the F70, as it is currently-known, has been the subject of much debate since it began development. As Ferrari's first-ever production hybrid, the F70 should feature a 900 horsepower-plus 6.5-liter V12 engine supplemented by a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, good for an extra 120hp in short bursts.

Combined with an expected weight of under 2,205lbs (1,000kg), the F70 should be a fitting replacement both in terms of power and incredible styling from the Italian marque. The Ferrari F70 seen sprinting around the town of Maranello in this clip has been heavily camouflaged, something that can be expected for a car of this magnitude.

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