Ferrari Enzo Takes On Maserati MC12 In Epic Classic Supercar Drag Race

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The most amazing supercars of their era go head-to-head for V12 bragging rights.

Which is quicker in a straight line: the Ferrari Enzo or the Maserati MC12?

The Petersen Automotive Museum recently conducted a drag race between the two icons to answer that question. If you recall that the track-focused MC12 was quicker around some circuits than the Enzo, the results of this test may surprise you. But before we get to the action, let's recap the details of each.

The Enzo's 6.0-liter V12 produced 660 horsepower and 484 lb-ft of torque. The homologation special that was the MC12 was heavily based on the Enzo, but its engine produced 621 hp and 481 lb-ft.

Petersen Automotive Museum

Each car sets off at 20 mph, and then each driver puts the hammer down, but no matter how well the MC12 launches, the Enzo outdoes it in every one of the four runs it has against its cross-town cousin.

Although power plays a role, the weight and the aerodynamic focus of the MC12 count against it. While the Enzo weighed 3,263 pounds, the MC12 had a curb weight of 3,300 lbs, and although the hardcore MC12 can claim to be quicker on certain tracks, the Enzo certainly wins the battle of straight-line speed.

But in comparison with a more modern Ferrari, the F12berlinetta, the iconic Enzo has no chance.

Petersen Automotive Museum

These days, Ferrari and Maserati do not offer hypercars such as these. The Maserati MC20 could be considered the spiritual successor to the MC12. Still, its lack of racing pedigree and its relative luxury and practicality - not to mention its much higher production capacity - mean that it will never achieve the legendary status that its forebear did.

As for Ferrari, it has a product that is very similar to the MC20 in its 296 GTB, but a range-topping hypercar in the same spirit as the Enzo is yet to be announced. Still, we have hope that the Prancing Horse will have something special for us soon, as prototypes caught testing suggest more extreme Fezzas are on their way.

2013-2017 Ferrari F12berlinetta Front View Driving Ferrari

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2013-2017 Ferrari F12berlinetta Front View Driving

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