Ferrari Exhaust Pipe Will Play iPhone Tunes

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Dock maker iXoost will produce docking stations based on recycled classic racing car parts.

The iXoost workshop, Based in Modena, Italy, will offer an iPhone/iPod docking station and speaker audio system based on converted Formula 1 cars' parts. Original cars include F1 racing classics like 1978 Cosworth DFV, 2006 Renault RS26 and 2007 Ferrari 056, among others.The Italian sound specialist offers speakers in 8, 10 and 12 cylinder versions. Pricing for the speaker starts at 5,000 Euros (6,830 USD).

iXoost also offers its own music playing app, designed to complement the speaker system. With Coordinated graphics and technical HQs, the app matches the custom design of each recycled exhaust. Replacing the original output of Italian purring, these speakers will provide blaring 140 watt sub-woofers and 70 watt speakers, available in six colors and several finishes.

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