Ferrari Explains Why SF90 Spider Is A Design Masterpiece

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The company's design chief gives all the juicy details.

Ferrari doesn't reveal new models at the pace of mainstream automakers, so it's worth celebrating when the occasion happens. Earlier this month, the Ferrari SF90 Spider made its big debut and those who thought the hardtop SF90 Stradale was stunning were left speechless once again.

This nearly 1,000 horsepower hybrid supercar is powered by a twin-turbo 3.99-liter V8 and an electric motor and is capable of sprinting from 0-62 mph in a mere 2.5 seconds and a 0-124 mph time of 7 seconds flat (only 0.3 seconds slower than the Stradale). Top speed? Try 211 mph. Aside from that blistering performance, there's also the gorgeous styling.

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Looking at photos alone doesn't do the SF90 Spider design justice, so perhaps it's best to discover its finer details from none other than Ferrari's design boss Flavio Manzoni. Now, Manzoni's previous work speaks for itself, including the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, 458 Speciale, 812 Superfast, Portofino, and the Monza SP1 and SP2.

It's not every day Manzoni steps away from the studio and in front of the camera to show off his creations in greater detail, but that's exactly what he's done with the SF90 Spider. One of his main areas of focus is the car's aerodynamics where "form and function are perfectly integrated." Because the supercar is an engineering masterpiece, the design must capture this as well.

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Manzoni explains this all perfectly and it's fascinating to see how everything comes together down to the smallest details. Just watching the roof retract in a mere 14 seconds is thrilling. Also impressive is that the Spider weighs only 220 pounds more than the hardtop, which is quite an accomplishment on Ferrari's part considering retractable hardtops and their intricate mechanisms aren't exactly feather-light.

The Ferrari SF90 Spider is scheduled to arrive in the US next fall and, as expected, it won't be cheap. If you don't have at least $560,000 or so to spare then shop elsewhere.

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