Ferrari Extends Production Shutdown As Clients Raise $1 Million

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Turns out Ferrari's clientele know how to get behind the community of Modena.

Ferrari is among several manufacturers worldwide who have had to shut down production operations due to the coronavirus pandemic. With its base of operations located firmly within the danger radius as Italy faces perhaps the worst of the virus, it was a precaution that had to be taken. But despite this, the Italian supercar manufacturer has pledged to assist where it can. While Lamborghini has turned its hand to the manufacture of masks, Ferrari previously announced an initiative to raise funds for the healthcare system in Modena. The Agnelli family, who have controlling stakes in Ferrari's racing and road-going exploits, producing fine machinery like the F8 Tributo, had previously announced 10 million Euros ($10.9 million) and 150 ventilators as part of their donation, but also put forward a plea to Ferrari customers to help where they can.

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So far, Ferrari has been able to raise another 1 million Euros ($1.09 million) in aid of Modena's healthcare infrastructure. This is as a result of an initiative which has seen Ferrari match every cent donated by its clientele. This incredible milestone has been met just a few days after the initiative started, with more funds expected to roll in. The initial allocation of money has already been made available to the City of Modena - the city in which Enzo Ferrari was born - with the Italian National Health Service granted full access for the benefit of treating those infected.

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Funds have also been allocated to something called 'telemedicine', allowing remote monitoring of those infected, while a similar system has been integrated as part of Ferrari's 'Back on Track' project to revive production, but while ensuring that staff are able to keep track of their health via an app that will monitor them and alert them if there is cause for concern.

However, despite this plan being put in place, among numerous other insurance and protection plans for staff, the manufacturer has had to delay the reopening of its Maranello and Modena facilities until 3 May 2020. This is in accordance with the Italian government extending the nationwide lockdown.

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