Ferrari F1 Races at the Kremlin

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Formula One teams drum up support for 2014 Russian Grand Prix with street demo in Red Square.

Although Formula One was once an almost entirely European series, these days the motor racing series is expanding to locations around the globe. Korea, India and Bahrain are all countries that have recently been added to the F1 calendar, and in 2014 Russia will join in the action as well. But that's still a couple of years away, so to drum up support and enthusiasm for Formula One racing in the Russian capital, a handful of F1 teams headed to its most important landmark for a demonstration.

Along with McLaren and local team Marussia, Ferrari was on hand for the event, bringing its ace test driver and former grand prix winner Giancarlo Fisichella to drive the 2009-spec F60 and the all-wheel-drive FF road car in front of the cheering fans.

"You never get used to events like this," said Fisichella on the occasion. "This year, with a better idea of what the track is like and the spectacle generated by an event like this, I was amazed by every little detail, from the perfect organization to the support of the huge number of fans." The event was supported by computer antivirus firm and Scuderia Ferrari sponsor Kaspersky Lab. Check it out in the photos and video clip from the event.

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