Ferrari F12 Berlinetta by Novitec Rosso


People around the world are dying to get their hands on Ferrari's new flagship supercar. Novitec Rosso is among the first.

The new F12 Berlinetta stands as the most capable vehicle Ferrari has ever offered, lapping the company's Fiorano test track faster than any road car before it. But for some even that won't be enough, and for just such characters, there's Novitec Rosso. The German tuning house has made a name for itself customizing Ferraris, and has now gotten its hands on Maranello's new V12 super-GT, giving it more power for a higher top speed, a new set of wheels mounted to an upgraded suspension and a revised interior.

The 6.3-liter V12 leaves the factory with 740 horsepower, but by remapping the ignition and injection, Novitec has upped that figure to 763 hp while optimizing power delivery. The redline has increased to a screaming 8,900 rpm, and the top speed is up to a quoted at 214 mph. Not satisfied to stop there, Novitec has also fitted the yellow F12 pictured here (the first we've seen in that color) with its NF4 wheels measuring 21 inches in the front and 22 in the back (replacing the standard 20-inch rims) with five double spokes and low-profile Pirelli rubber. And by low profile, we mean low profile: the shoes at the back feature a miniscule 25 profile rating.

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The wheels are mounted to in-house sport springs that can bring the Berlinetta up to 40 mm closer to the tarmac, with an optional lift kit to help the nose clear curbs, driveway inclines and speed bumps. The German tuner will also upgrade the interior with a variety of carbon fiber and Alcantara- or leather-trimmed components. Novitec is also offering its NF3 modular wheels for the F12, and plans further engine and cosmetic upgrades for the near future, so watch this space for more.