Drag Race

Ferrari F12 Races McLaren 12C on Two-Mile Strip

On paper this should be a whitewash. Races, however, are decided on tarmac.

Vmax200 is an event held in the UK where owners of extreme machinery with a penchant for going extremely fast gather. The aim is to hit the highest possible speed over a two mile straight runway, and literally dozens of epic supercars turn up to try and crack the 200 mph mark. The run is normally done in pairs, making for some fantastic duels. Shmee150 was on hand to capture the best of the action, and has just posted a video of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta lining up against a McLaren 12C.

Both cars have rear-wheel-drive setups and launch control, but the Fezza has over 100 horses on the McLaren. Nevertheless the result is far from convincing.

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