Ferrari F12 Reimagined as a Modern Daytona

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In what could be the laziest design job we've ever seen, an unknown company from Italy photoshops a stripe onto a stock photo of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and calls it a new design.

Few Ferraris are remembered as fondly as the 365 GTB/4. The model popularly known as the Daytona cut a striking shape, and is still revered as one of the most beautiful designs ever to roll out of the gates at Maranello. Now one company aims to revive it with a coachbuilt special. That company is Milano Torino, whose name makes about as much sense as calling your company Chicago Houston. But we'll let its project speak for itself: the idea is to transform the Ferrari F12 into a modern take on the classic Daytona.

Similar to the approach undertaken by Ferrari and Pininfarina to rebody a 458 Italia into a 512 BB tribute for Eric Clapton, the 770 Daytona Milano appears to slap a new nose on the F12. A 30-cavalino boost to 770 horsepower is also apparently part of the package. Looking at the solitary image released, it appears that Milano Torino has simple Photoshopped its new nose onto an image of the F12 debuting at the Geneva Motor Show last March, leading us to believe that it has, in all likelihood, not actually built one yet. But it says that it could also realize the design on either a 612 Scaglietti or a 599 GTB Fiorano.

Milano Torino says in order to build such a car, it could cooperate with either Pininfarina or Fioravanti (the independent firm set up by Leonardo Fioravanti who designed the original Daytona in the first place during his long tenure at Pininfarina). That's not to say, of course, that either Ferrari, Pininfarina or Fioravanti would be interested in working with Milano Torino, or that it will actually find any buyers. But if it did, we doubt any of those firms would have any trouble catering to a buyer's commission - for the right price, of course.

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