Ferrari F12berlinetta Debuts in All of its Beauty and Insane Power


And here it is: Ferrari's latest V12 flagship. Insane madness at its finest.

We've been sitting around the CarBuzz office all day so far waiting for this moment. In fact, we've been waiting for several months as we've followed Ferrari's latest through its development. And it's finally here. The Ferrari F12berlinetta is the iconic Italian supercar maker's all-new mid-front-engined V12 flagship. According to Ferrari, not only does the F12berlinetta usher in a new generation of Ferrari 12-cylinders, but it is also the most powerful Ferrari road car ever launched.

And the precise reason for this? The new V12 is the most efficient engine ever built by Ferrari in terms of mechanical, combustion, and fluid-dynamics efficiency. The F12 features advanced vehicle architecture, aerodynamics, components and electronic controls. Ferrari even developed a new Rossa Berlinetta three-layer paint color. Most of all, it's just plain bad ass-looking. Mechanically, the traditional transaxle layout has been revolutionized to match the car's extreme performance. The wheelbase has been shortened and the engine, dashboard and seats have been lowered in the chassis.

Speaking of which, the all-new spaceframe chassis and bodyshell, designed by Scaglietti, uses 12 different kinds of alloys. This results in a 20 percent increase in structural rigidity that also reduces total weight to 3,362 pounds (154 pounds less than the 599 GTB) and an ideal front/rear weight distribution of 46/58 percent. The 65 degree 6.3-liter V12 has a total output of 730 horsepower and 509lb-ft of torque. It's mated, as expected, to the F1 transmission which has closer gear ratios developed specifically for the car's performance. It can go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.1 seconds and has a top speed in excess of 211 mph.

The new Prancing Horse has also completed a lap of the Fiorano Circuit in 1 minute, 23 seconds, which is faster than any previous Ferrari road car. Amazingly, the F12berlinetta boasts a weight-to-power ratio of just 2.1kg/CV. In addition, fuel consumption has been reduced by 30 percent over the outgoing 599. With all of this power, how the hell did Ferrari make this efficiency happen? Prototypes went through extensive aerodynamic development that not only helped to reduce fuel consumption, but also boosts downforce by 76 percent while drag has been significantly reduced as well.

Ferrari claims they achieved this through two brilliant methods: the first is the Aero Bridge which uses the hood to generate downforce by channeling air away from the upper part of the car to its flanks where it interacts with the wake from the wheel wells to decrease drag. The second method is called Active Brake Cooling, which is a system that opens guide vanes to the brake cooling ducts only at high operating temperatures, which again reduce drag. In addition, Ferrari's latest generation carbon-ceramic brakes and the evolution of their magnetorheological suspension control system have been fully integrated.


And, of course, just look at the thing. Its striking stance and aggressive, yet sleek lines evoke both beauty and power. The design is a result of the collaboration between the Ferrari Styling Centre and Pininfarina. Ferrari claims they've achieved the perfect balance of uncompromising aerodynamics with harmonious proportions interpreting the typical elements of their front-engined V12 cars. Judging by these official photos, we're not expressing a shred of doubt about that. Looking inside, the cabin features all-new Frau leather interior and handcrafted detailing.

Claiming it highlights the balance of advanced technology and sophistication, the interior has been designed around the driver, specifically with the striking dashboard complete with carbon fiber and aluminum air vents. Like other Ferraris, the Human Machine Interface approach is emphasized, which groups all of the major commands within immediate reach in order to guarantee the ultimate experience. Official pricing hasn't been revealed just yet, but we expect more photos and additional details next week at Geneva when the new Ferrari F12berlinetta makes its official live debut.

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