Ferrari F355 Shooting Brake Render Is Breathtakingly Beautiful

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What if Ferrari had made a F355 Shooting Brake in the 1990s?

The Ferrari FF and GTC4 Lusso were radical departures for the Italian manufacturer. First launched back in 2011 to replace the 612 Scaglietti, the four-seater FF was the first production Ferrari to feature four-wheel drive, ditching the coupe styling of its predecessor in favor of a shooting brake roofline. Plainly, this wasn't your standard Ferrari exotic, and there's nothing wrong with that – we need diversity in the supercar scene. But what would a Ferrari shooting brake have looked like in the 1990s?

To find out, designer Rain Prisk has given the iconic F355 the shooting brake treatment in this conceptual render. Many regard the F355 as one of the most fetching Ferraris made in the last few decades, but its looks haven't been compromised during its shooting brake transformation. Prisk has made some tasteful tweaks to the exotic, raising the height to incorporate the longer roof and tailgate with flawless execution. Of course, Ferrari aficionados will know that the F355 is mid-engined, so Prisk had to move the engine to the front and extend the front-end accordingly. It explains why the sides are smoothed out, since there's no longer a need for any side air intakes.

Complementing the Ferrari F355 shooting brake are wheels taken from another iconic all-wheel-drive supercar: the Porsche 959. Specifically, the wheels are taken from the concept 959 which adopted similar wheels before the traditional five-spoke design seen on the production model. The FF was a gamble that successfully paid off for Ferrari, but it's interesting to ponder how well a Ferrari shooting brake would have been received in the 1990s. What do you make of this Ferrari F355 shooting brake concept? Is it sacrilegious or breathtakingly beautiful?

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