Ferrari F40 25th Anniversary Celebration Set for Silverstone

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A Ferrari F40 gathering has been set for Silverstone this July to celebrate the supercar's 25th anniversary.

Yes, the Ferrari F40 is 25 years old. For those of us who grew up worshipping the car (as many still do), the years suddenly may seem to be catching up to us. And like a true French wine, the F40 has aged with the utmost gracefulness. To celebrate the occasion, F40 owners are planning to attend this year's Silverstone Classic, taking place from July 20th to 22nd. So far, some 50 F40's have been confirmed to be attending the event and there will likely be a few more registered between now and then.

The Ferrari F40 was first launched in 1987 and was the last new model that Enzo Ferrari commissioned before his death. And he wanted it to be the finest example of everything his company had become. Power came courtesy of the mid-engined 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 471hp with a body was penned by Pininfarina. It was designed to compete directly against the also legendary Porsche 959 and Lamborghini Countach. At the time of its launch, its list price was over $400,000. All told, 1,315 units were built and most are still in existence today.


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