Ferrari F40 Crashed in Vancouver

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470 horsepower - traction control + wet road = crash. Canadian driver learns supercar math the hard way.

Ferrari may have produced more F40s than originally planned, but with a total of 1,315 made, it's still a rare beast, and a highly-coveted performance machine. It's with a heavy heart, then, that we report that one such supercar has been involved in what appears to have been a rather serious crash. A notoriously difficult car to drive, the F40 was the first street-legal production vehicle to break 200 mph. Light-weight with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V8, the F40 had none of the electronic safety features we'd expect to find in any car today.

The F40 was reportedly on its way back from a car show in western Canada when the driver lost control on a wet road and spun out into a telephone pole. The wreckage left the $500,000 supercar in dire condition. The damage may be reparable, but the F40 will likely never drive the same again. Fortunately neither driver nor passenger were seriously hurt.

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