Ferrari F40 Vs F50: Which One Will Cost You An Extra $1 Million?

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Such is the price of greatness.

We've covered plenty of news related to the beloved Ferrari F40. Without question it's one of the greatest supercars of all time, and probably one of the finest Ferraris as well. But what about its successor, the F50? It may not have achieved quite the same level of legendary status as the F40, but it was still ridiculously awesome. How much would one with low miles and in prime condition cost today? An F40, for example, will easily cost you somewhere between $1.5 to $2 million.

An F50? Even more, and there just so happens to be one up for sale at Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Asking price: $2,599,900. Just to compare, an F40 at the same dealer is about to sell for $1,599,900. That's a $1 million dollar difference. The F40 is a 1991 model with 6,971 miles on the clock. The F50 is a '95 with 5,275 miles. Is the F50 here really worth an extra million bucks? Or would you much rather save some dough and opt for an '80s supercar legend instead?

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