Ferrari F40s Gathering at Silverstone for World Record

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Ferrari supercars assembling in record numbers at Silverstone Classic.

Ferrari is plenty used to setting records at Silverstone. After all, it has won the British Grand Prix there no less than 15 times - more than any other team. In 2007, a whopping 385 Ferraris gathered on the English racing circuit to set a record for the most Ferraris in one parade. And come September, the Maranello marque hopes to beat that record, with over 600 cars already signed up. But before that happens, the track will play host to the Silverstone Classic, an event that will bring in a record number of F40 supercars when it kicks off this weekend.

The F40 was one of the original supercars. Packing a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V8, the F40 channeled over 470 horsepower to its rear wheels in a chassis so light that you could see the weave of the carbon fiber right through the thin paint. It was one of the first road cars to break the four-second barrier in the 0-60 run, and was the first street-legal car to run up past 200 mph. The F40 was built to celebrate Ferrari's 40th anniversary and was the last vehicle that company founder Enzo Ferrari commissioned before his death. Although production was originally to be quite limited, in the end Ferrari built 1,315.

Each F40 built sped out of the factory as fast as they could build them, and often fetched upwards of a million dollars despite the $400,000 sticker price, which was already a hundle back in 1987. Now 70 of them are set to take part in the Car Club Parade at this year's Silverstone Classic to set a new world record for the most F40s in one place. Along with the F40s, a large number of BMW Z roadsters are expected to be in attendance, including examples are of the Z1, Z3, Z4 and Z8. 130 AC Cobras are also set to descend on Silverstone for the event, after last year saw a record 767 Jaguar E-Types set a record of their own.

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