Ferrari F430 Obliterated in Horrific Car Crash; Passengers Survive

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The Ferrari was cut in two and burst into flames, yet driver and passenger escaped with their lives.

Ordinarily we don't report on horrific car crashes, but given the miraculous nature of this particular accident we felt compelled to share it. Local news site Vimaonline reported that the man driving the Ferrari F430 was ship owner I. Leontiadis, who can be seen in the attached video receiving treatment. According to eyewitnesses at the scene in a local suburb of Athens, Greece, the Ferrari was being driven at speed on a wet road and ended up smashing into a tree on the parkway after losing control.

The severity of the crash resulted in the Ferrari breaking in two. Luckily for driver and passenger who were trapped in the car, firefighters were almost immediately on the scene to free them from the wreckage, which only minutes later caught on fire. Both suffered injuries but by some miracle, managed to survive. Photos courtesy of vimaonline.

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