Ferrari F430 on an Empty Road is Everything that's Right with the World

Nothing like a Ferrari and a few twists on an empty road.

It is unfortunate but true that most of the time spent in our cars is spent actually going someplace. Heading to work, running errands, there just isn’t that much time for driving purely for the enjoyment of driving. So a new Winding Road video of a 2005 Ferrari F430 just out for a drive on (no pun intended) a winding road should be enough to remind you of why you like cars so much in the first place, and if it doesn’t then the noise made by the F430 should do it.

The F430 has always been a bit underappreciated as the technical marvel that it is, but hopefully time, and a few videos like this, will change that. Be sure to use headphones for this one, as the sound is really top notch.

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