Ferrari F430 Spider Gets Tuned By Anderson Germany

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Need to give your Ferrari F430 a boost and can't wait for the 499 Scuderia Spider 16M to come out? Well, Anderson Germany sympathizes with you. The German tuner has revamped the F430 with Hyper Black paint and Scuderia Stripes in carbon steel with a yellow border to give it a taste of the Scuderia Spider 16M. Other features include an interior finished with carbon black leather and Alcantara with yellow diamond Kederrand seams.

Anderson Germany

There is also carbon trim on the steering wheel, shift paddles, handbrake, doorsill plates and door handles. Under the Hyper Black hood, Anderson Germany took the standard 483hp from the F430 Spider and gave it a boost to 561hp, exceeding the 503hp standard with the Scuderia Spider 16M. This is done through modified heaters and new catalytic converters from Renn-Kats. The chassis is a three-level remote adjustable racing suspension that saves 64lbs and a special heat protection was added as well. The calipers are painted yellow.

The three-piece glossy black wheels with carbon and yellow border are available in 20-inch 235 tires in the front and 325 at the rear. Pricing for the individual components or the entire kit hasn't been announced.

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