Ferrari F512 M Totaled After Swerving to Avoid Hedgehog

Is this the act of a selfless man or someone that needs immediate psychiatric help?

German Businessman Joerg Daecher was cruising home in his $130,000 Ferrari when he was suddenly faced with a serious dilemma: either run straight over the stray hedgehog he had caught in his headlights, or swerve to avoid it. Doing the right thing by the woodland creature Joerg steered out of the way, slipped on some wet leaves and smashed into a crash barrier. Both driver and hedgehog escaped unhurt, but in saving the little beast around $50,000 worth of damage was caused to the Ferrari.

Swerving to avoid an animal is a dangerous maneuver and not recommended; that said, the supercar owner's karma points are going to be through the roof for that selfless act. What would you have done?

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