Ferrari Fan Dedicates His 458 to Niki Lauda

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It was the Golden Era of Formula 1 after all.

By now many of you have seen "Rush," the story of the 1976 Formula 1 season that was all about the rivalry between Nikki Lauda and James Hunt. Lauda, who raced for Ferrari at the time, suffered a near fatal accident at the Nurburgring that year, but it was Hunt who ended up winning the title in his McLaren. But still, Lauda made a spectacular comeback after his accident and he continued to race in the sport for many years afterwards. Just how synonymous is Lauda's name with Ferrari F1 in the mid 70s?

Turns out it's strong enough because one new 458 Italia owner has dedicated his car to the famous Austrian. Thanks to Ferrari's Tailor Made personification program, this one-off 458 is painted red with a white roof featuring the Italian flag, and there's even a set of gold rims. The seats and central tunnel also have that Italian flag motif. There's even unique red stitching on the instrument panel, dash, and steering wheel. Its owner just wanted to pay tribute to that golden era of F1. Can you blame him?

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