Ferrari Feels the Heat from Porsche

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Porsche is set to rival Ferrari in the mid-size supercar market with a totally new model.

Porsche and Ferrari haven't been in direct competition for quite some time. The Porsche 911 and upcoming 918 run at both the high and low end of the supercar market, whereas Ferrari enjoys the relative calm in the middle of the market with few competitors. Porsche CEO Matthias Muller spoke recently with a German newspaper and made some poignant remarks in regards to new models that could eventually challenge the Italian automaker in the middle.


"It always irritated me that the (most expensive) 911 tops out at €250,000 ($360,000) and then the 918 continues starting at €750,000 ($1,080,000). In between, Ferrari moseys around relatively comfortably and without any competition. That is where we need to be. There is still space for a larger sports car, one like the 959 that we built in the 1980s," Matthias Mueller told German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung in an interview published last Monday. The 'attaque au fer' should begin in the next few years as the Germans have doubled their projected sales numbers by the end of the decade.

The new car will join the Boxster, Cayenne, 911 and Panamera in showrooms. Mueller also mentioned that the new model could be priced from €250,000 to €400,000 ($576,000). The German automaker has plans to run seven model lines and the new mid-size supercar would make it eight. Three new lines have already been planned to complement the aforementioned four, including a small mid-engine roadster a la the 550 Spyder, a pettite Panamera GT and the small SUV dubbed the Cajun. In 2010 they sold 97,000 units and the lofty goal has been set to sell over 200,000 units globally by 2018.

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