Ferrari FF Burnt to a Crisp in Poland


Ferrari has always had a reputation for its hot cars, but this is taking things a bit too far.

Back in February we reported on a Ferrari FF bursting into flames in Shanghai, where witnesses claimed to have seen the car suddenly catch fire as it cruised along Shanghai World Expo Avenue. The Ferrari 458 had a bad case of suddenly catching fire a couple of years ago with several models bursting into flames in the space of a few months. An investigation found the source of the fire to be an adhesive, but the reason for this, and previous FF models catching fire has yet to be determined.

Local media reports say the supercar exploded while driving near Krakow, Poland. The driver claims the fire began under the hood before quickly spreading to the cabin where it entered near the pedals. He tried in vain to extinguish the fire but had to wait for the firefighters to arrive and complete the job.

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This is apparently the third FF to suffer from spontaneous self-combustion, so we expect Ferrari to be working hard to stop this from turning into an epidemic that could seriously hurt their sales figures.