Ferrari FF Winter Courses in Aspen

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Ferrari is offering a winter driving course for enthusiasts who want to try their hand in the FF while facing the most extreme road conditions.

Next time you're on holiday in Aspen, Colorado make sure to pass on at least one skiing trip and go check out Ferrari's special winter driving course. The course is designed to enhance appreciation for the GT and improve driver's skill and ability behind the wheel. The course mirrors the "Pilota on Ice" program that has been offered recently in Italy. Drivers will be subjected to conditions that are far from the norm in their home states.

There should an abundant supply of snow and ice up in the Colorado mountains to simulate the most extreme driving conditions. The four-seater will be driven through unique road courses. The GT utilizes Ferrari's 4RM all-wheel-drive system. The new system from the Italian automaker allows for a sporty and dynamic driving feel while still accommodating a superior added traction control. Ferrari's all-wheel-drive FF will be available for 6-7 weeks this fall and it is offered exclusively for Ferrari owners. Availability for the special winter course is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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