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Ferrari-Fighting Porsche 960 Supercar to be a Four-Door Coupe?

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The mid-engined supercar slated for 2015 might be coming with four doors.

In the next five years, VW Group plans to bring out 32 different models from its ten brands, ranging from the next-gen VW Golf to the Lamborghini Aventador successor, as they continue their rise to the top of the carmaker food chain. Part of their strategy to become the world's largest automaker will see a Porsche model in every possible sports car niche, and the Porsche 960, previously discussed as bridging the 911 and 918 is what will compete in the $200,000 supercar bracket.

VW Group will thus have a car to take on the likes of the McLaren MP4-12C and Ferrari 458. In a recent expose on VW Group's future plans, Georg Kacher, writing for Automobile, revealed that going forward models will come from a trio of new modular architectures. These are made up of: MQB, for FWD/AWD cars with transversely mounted engines such as the Golf or Audi A3; MLB, for all FWD/AWD models with longitudinally installed drivetrains, so most Audi models; and MSB, for all RWD/AWD models.

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The latter platform, masterminded by Porsche, is broken down into three sub-categories based on front- mid- and rear-engines, dubbed MSB-F, MSB-M, and MSB-H. The group's halo brands, including Bentley and Lamborghini will be derived from this platform, as will the Porsche 960 due in 2015. When Georg Kachler first talked about this car last year, it was described as a mid-engined coupe with a mid-mounted 3.8-liter twin-turbo flat six that would offer around 600hp. Now he has it down as a 'four-door coupe,' claiming 'it has been dubbed "Fefi," for Ferrari fighter,' presumably referring to the FF.

Some corners are claiming Greg may have made an honest mistake with the description as Porsche planning to cram an extra couple of seats at the back of the 960's mid-mounted engine doesn't seem plausible. There's no official confirmation either way; in the meantime we can mull over other interesting models in the works such as a 'dramatic' new Audi TT due in 2014, and a VW Scirocco coupe for the US.