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Ferrari Forsees a Very Hybrid Future

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Yes, seriously. The LaFerrari has changed the Italian automaker forever.

New automotive technologies always start with an automaker's most exclusive flagship model before eventually trickling their way down to the rest of the lineup. The way Mercedes-Benz treats each generation of its S-Class is just but one example. And now it appears that the hybrid technologies found in the new LaFerrari will pop up in future models. Speaking to Bloomberg Television, Ferrari chairman Luco di Montezemolo stated that he doesn't "believe in the electrics cars, but strongly believes in hybrids."

The $1.34 million LaFerrari is a 963 horsepower example of just how hybrid technologies can be used to advance performance. And as we all know, Ferrari loves performance. Perhaps that's why, when asked directly whether his company would build future hybrids, Montezemolo's response was crystal clear: "The answer is yes." So should we be at all surprised? No, not really. Hybrid technologies are simply the way of the future when it comes to balancing out the requirements of hyper car performance and growing emissions regulations. Just look at the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spider and upcoming Acura NSX as further proof.

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Some purists will unquestionably be angry by this new reality, but for those who only care about outright performance numbers and not by the means on how they're achieved, this is very, very good news. Picture this for a moment: say if Ferrari were to combine its new hybrid knowledge with the aerodynamic efficiency of the new 458 Speciale. Just think of the possibilities right there. Yeah, that sounds pretty damn awesome to us too.