Ferrari FXX K Walk Around Video Shows Us What Billionaires Live Like

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It's a rare glimpse into a lifestyle where you can spend €2.5 million on a toy.

Whoever the billionaire customer is that purchased this Ferrari FXX K is likely from America because in typical flag-loving patriotic taste, they had the end caps of the rear wings covered with American flags. Regardless of our critical eye, there are multiple aspects about this Ferrari that leave us in awe, starting with the sheer amount of track hardware loaded onto it. With two partial wings at the rear, one on each side, the FXX K exploits the wind to gain an additional 50% of downforce over the LaFerrari.

Massive air intakes flanking the door make the driver feel as if they are piloting a jet while the low front lip serves to tell onlookers that this car will never be taken off the track, the same way smooth hands inform anyone you shake hands with that you don't go to the gym as often as you should.

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One could almost make the same mistake with the FXX K because while it's basically a slightly toned down F1 car, it looks gorgeous enough to be the central exhibit in a museum. Like workbooks and a satchel on a hipster, the FXX K's track hardware could be mistaken for a fashion statement, but the V12 engine and electric motors ensure that the Ferrari is as battle hardened as an elite athlete It's just a shame that, even after paying €2.5 million, none of the 40 owners can take the car home and put it in their garage so they can stare at it while they smoke cigars, sip brandy, and mull over how successful they are.

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