Ferrari Getto Design Concept for 2025

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Elements of racing simulators incorporated into design study of future Prancing Horse.

Design student Christophe Jourd'hui has envisioned a Ferrari of the future, penning a flagship model for 2025. Dubbed the "Getto," the Italian word for "jet", the thrust of the design study was to maximize the driver's experience and sensation behind the wheel of the supercar by virtue of its floating cockpit and incorporating elements of racing simulators in the frame and cockpit construction. The cockpit is said to be sustained by chassis cross-members from above, and jacks mounted in key spots on the structure underneath.

While looking fresh, the concept takes styling cues from past classics including the P4, 288 GTO, 250 GTO and the F40. The artist describes his work as a racing car with a two-tone red and carbon finish, with emphasis placed on Ferrari's history and technical nous. Of course, as an independent design - and a pie-in-the-sky one at that - it won't be going into production, but that doesn't mean a man can't dream, right?

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