Ferrari Going Turbo for Next California?

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Ferrari denies it, but there are strong clues indicating the next California will be powered by a twin-turbocharged V8.

There's no question that the formula for high-performance cars is changing these days. Instead of outright displacement, automakers are looking for alternative routes to increase output while reducing emissions and fuel consumption. One answer is turbocharging, but that often comes at a price. That price is called turbo lag, and it can dull a performance car's edge considerably. However technological advances are offering solutions, and and even Ferrari appears to be taking notice.

Autocar is reporting that, for California's replacement , Ferrari may be looking at a turbocharged V8. Test mules spotted lapping Fiorano revealed raised hoods and extra cooling vents, indicating the potential addition of a turbo engine. When pressed, Ferrari denied the rumors, saying that the modifications were in place to keep noise levels down so as not to annoy the neighbors. But then Ferrari denied up and down that it was developing the California in the first place, so we'd hardly call that the end of the story. With a new twin-turbo V8 developed for Maserati and the legacy of the F40 still looming large, the prospect of a turbo California is a very real.

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