Ferrari Has Created 12 Custom Colors Inspired By The Italian Countryside

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Which one is your favorite hue?

Over the past month or so, Ferrari has previewed a dozen custom cars on its Twitter account, all inspired by the beauty of its home country. Aside from the vivid paintwork, each of the 12 Roma and SF90 models also boasts exclusive leather from the brand's Special Equipment catalog.

The first, an SF90 Spider revealed in July, sports an unusual burnt orange exterior color. It's an unlikely combination but, together with the Verde Bellagio interior, it looks rather excellent. The automaker notes this particular design was inspired by the "borgo" found along the shores of Lake Como. For those wondering, a "borgo" is a small, historic town.

A Ferrari Roma serves as the canvas for the second configuration. Finished in a rather fetching shade of Orange, the grand tourer pairs its paintwork with a brick red interior, known as Rosso Bologna. This rich hue is said to capture the "passion and zest for life" that exemplifies the Emilian capital.

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The third version wears a shade more familiar to Ferrari fans; Giallo Modena. The vivid yellow color looks great on the dramatic SF90 and works nicely with the subtle natural medium grey (Grigio Corvara) upholstery. Ferrari says this bright-painted beauty draws inspiration from the Alps in winter.

When compared to the Giallo-painted SF90, the fourth model in the series looks rather restrained. The silver paintwork appears to flow over the SF90's sleek bodywork, giving it a rich and luxurious shine. The interior, however, has been trimmed in a shade not usually associated with the Prancing Horse.

While Ferrari describes it as Verde Venaria, we're not sure army green works in a mid-engined supercar. Still, the Italian automaker says it has been inspired by the lush gardens that grace Italian palaces across the country.

Ferrari/Twitter Ferrari/Twitter Ferrari/Twitter Ferrari/Twitter

The fifth and sixth vehicles to showcase the new interior palette are both based upon the Roma. The fifth entrant wears a rich and sophisticated shade of red (Rosso Fiorano) which has been teamed with an elegant shade known as Beige Lucania. Said to evoke the calm and beautiful Mediterranean, this particular model is, perhaps, our favorite.

After all, you can't go wrong with a crimson-painted Ferrari and cream leather. The sixth model sports a similar exterior color, but the burgundy finish is deeper and more subdued. The interior has been trimmed in Rosso Ducale and was inspired by the "Renaissance frescoes on the walls of noble Tuscan villas."

Yellow leather isn't associated with luxury, but Ferrari's seventh entrant is the exception. The Ravello upholstery, seen here on a Blu Tour De France SF90, borrows its flair from the vibrant Amalfi Coast, an area that suits a drop-top Ferrari to the tee.

Ferrari/Twitter Ferrari/Twitter Ferrari/Twitter Ferrari/Twitter

The most divisive color scheme is undoubtedly worn by Ferrari number eight. A sign of good design is when a car can wear any shade, and the Roma proves that by looking great - even in dusty satin pink. The distinctive hue is repeated inside, where you'll find the Grigio Budelli leather upholstery. Ferrari says the inspiration behind this grand tourer is the beaches of Sardinia, where the "white sand of the Costa Smeralda fades towards pink coral."

A particular favorite of ours combines the classic white exterior paint with a red "Rosso Giudecca" interior. This is the ninth addition to the color palette and, when worn by the SF90, looks very striking. Ferrari notes this particular design brings to mind the "sun setting over Venice, as the red and purple hues dance on around the Lagoon."

Once the reserve of '80s German executive sedans, blue leather has made a comeback in recent years. And we're so glad it did - seen here in the Roma, the 10th interior color - Blu Lipari conjures up images of the calming sea surrounding Lipari island.

Ferrari/Twitter Ferrari/Twitter Ferrari/Twitter Ferrari/Twitter

Lime green isn't a shade one associates with Ferrari. In fact, the hue is more commonly associated with its fiercest rival, Lamborghini. But that doesn't mean the SF90 doesn't look great in the intense finish. Inside, the Verde Norcia upholstery works together with brown leather to create the 11th combination in the interiors range. This extroverted look takes inspiration from "the lush, secret meadows of the medieval village that inspired its name."

The final car, revealed earlier this month, doesn't draw from a specific place in Italy, but rather the rich colors of the earth. This can be seen in the Terra Antica brown interior, which works well with the grey paintwork and its mineral tones. This isn't the first time Ferrari has paid tribute to its motherland with unique designs.

For the 10th anniversary of the Cavalcade Rally, Ferrari introduced several distinctive designs based on various models. The fifth and final model, based on the 296 GTB, was customized in honor of a historic Sicilian city.

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