A Ferrari Hatchback? You Never Know With A New CEO At The Helm


These renderings show what a Prancing Horse hot-hatch would look like, as unlikely as it may seem.

If there's one thing we've learned from today's automotive industry, it's "never say never." Not with hybrids capable of reaching 220 miles per hour and SUVs coming from the last automakers we'd have expected just a decade ago. But a Ferrari hatchback?

That's the ostensibly unlikely prospect posed by Taekang Lee, a budding designer from South Korea. And while we wouldn't go putting money down that it will happen, we can't entirely rule out the possibility, either.

Consider the following recent developments at Maranello. For one, Ferrari makes a hatchback, of sorts. It's called the GTC4 Lusso, and like the FF it replaced (and on which it's based), it's less of a Golf rival than it is a shooting brake (with a V12 and all-wheel drive). For another, Ferrari's working on an SUV, and the line between crossovers and hatchbacks keeps getting blurrier all the time. Finally, Ferrari has a new CEO at the helm. His name is Louis Camilleri, he comes from Big Tobacco, and we have precisely zero idea of what he has planned for the Prancing Horse marque. (Ditto John Elkann, the company's largest shareholder and new chairman.)

Camilleri and Elkann would probably be wise to learn from the mistake that was the Aston Martin Cygnet and keep Ferrari well clear of the hatchback market, no matter how high up they could push it, or how wide they could expand the company's market reach if they pursued it. But if the House that Enzo built were to build a hatchback, it might not look very far off from Lee's design... and neither might the forthcoming crossover.

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