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Ferrari Held A 50th Birthday Party For The Dino One Year Late

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There was a very good reason why the party was delayed.

Last year Ferrari realized it would be best to delay the Dino's 50th anniversary celebration for one very good and important reason: its very own 70th anniversary. The Dino rightly deserved its own time in the spotlight so Ferrari figured holding the official celebration one year later would be appropriate. To that end, late last month more than 150 Dinos and 300 customers descended upon Maranello, Italy, to celebrate the first mid-engined and six-cylinder Ferrari.

However, it was not billed as a Ferrari from the get-go, even when it first shown as a prototype back in 1965 at the Paris Motor Show. In 1967 the Dino was officially launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show. However, the road debut of the first Dino happened in 1968, so last month's celebration was still very much fitting. Speaking of which, the big 50th anniversary occasion consisted of the cars first coming to the Maranello Museum before heading to Ferrari's Fiorano track for a big parade. The convoy then took off for the factory where their owners were given a tour. As the day came to a close, one Dino at a time drove under the arch of the historical entrance on Via Abetone Inferiore.

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The Dino was named after Enzo Ferrari's beloved son, Alfredo (or Dino), who sadly died at the young of 24. He tried to persuade his father to build a car with a mid-engine setup, instead of the traditional front engine. While hospitalized for muscular dystrophy, he further proposed and co-engineered the technical details for the 1.5-liter V6, the engine he wouldn't live to see. Today, the Ferrari 488 GTB and 488 Spider are the ancestors to Dino Ferrari's creation.