Ferrari Hybrid Supercar's Engine Revealed?

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Twin-turbo powerplant will help launch the new car to 60 mph in two seconds flat.

Officially set to be unveiled on May 31, Ferrari's new hybrid supercar is back in the news again only a few days after that cool spy video. Today, German publication Auto, Motor, Und Sport claims it has learned which internal combustion engine Ferrari has chosen, which combined with the hybrid system will produce around 1,000 hp. Yes, that's more powerful than Ferrari's only other previous hybrid, the V12-powered LaFerrari. One of two twin-turbo engines will be utilized here: a V6 or V8. So, which one has been chosen?

According to the German source, it will be the same twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 found in the also new F8 Tributo.

Not surprisingly, Ferrari has refused to offer any details so it's not possible to confirm this information right now, but the choice of the V8, which makes 710 hp in the F8 Tributo, does make complete sense. If Ferrari was aiming for 1,000 hp a powerful combustion engine would be required. Three electric motors, one built into the transmission and the second two mounted up front will provide the extra juice.

And yes, this means the supercar will be all-wheel drive and is combined with intelligent torque vectoring. The new hybrid will be slotted above the Prancing Horse's current flagship, the 812 Superfast, which has 800 hp and 530 lb-ft of torque. Adding electrical power will enable the new Ferrari to achieve a 0-62 time of only two seconds. Two seconds!

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The Italian carmaker plans to charge a hefty sum for this. Expect a starting price of at least €600,000, which is nearly $670,000 according to current exchange rates. We also don't know whether this will be a special edition model or part of the regular lineup. As for a V6-powered Ferrari, don't rule out that very real possibility.

As Ferrari begins making hybrids a part of its regular lineup, a less expensive model will be required and word has it a new twin-turbo V6 is actively in development. Giving it massive jolts of electricity promises great things.

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