Ferrari Hypercar Prototype Spotted Again... With A V6?!

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Is Ferrari testing a different engine configuration for the LaFerrari successor?

It's no secret that Ferrari is currently working on a new hypercar. The LaFerrari successor was first spotted earlier this year, and now, YouTuber Varryx spotted the prototype again while camping outside Ferrari's headquarters in Maranello, with a potential twist, as the YouTuber swears it sounds like it has a V6. Beyond the Purosangue and the Daytona SP3 units seen roaming around the area, the upcoming Ferrari hypercar made a welcome appearance, but it wasn't without a surprise.

According to the YouTuber, the prototype was making V6 engine noises. This is different from what we saw and heard before, which definitely sounded like a V12. Then again, it's hard to discern this based on the footage alone, but comparing it to before, we're on the fence.


It's possible that the Italian marque is currently testing a different configuration for the internally codenamed F250 hypercar, given that stricter regulations point to using a smaller engine instead of the traditional, gas-guzzling V12.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, though. The Ferrari 499P Le Mans Hypercar that was introduced last year was also powered by a twin-turbo V6.

Another theory is that Ferrari could be developing some sort of cylinder deactivation feature, though we highly suggest taking this with a tub of salt as nothing's confirmed at this point - except maybe for the hybrid setup, represented by the yellow stickers seen on the prototype. Curiously, the mule had microphones at its rear near the exhausts, which lends credence to the cylinder deactivation concept if Ferrari is trying to see if it can quieten the V12 in urban areas.


Of note, the Italian automaker isn't giving up hope on V12 just yet. Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna went on record that combustion-powered Ferraris could live beyond 2035, thanks to synthetic fuel loopholes in new EU legislation, hinting that Ferrari may be able to continue the development of combustion engines thanks to this tech.

In any case, we will get to confirm details about the upcoming flagship hypercar in the coming months, as previously leaked documents revealed that production is scheduled to begin in October 2024. That means that the world debut will happen a few months prior. The documents also revealed that Ferrari plans to make 220 units in 2025, 300 units in 2026, and only 79 units in 2027. There are also plans for a hardcore XX model and a Spider version.


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