Ferrari Icons Inspire Cool Concepts For The 21st Century

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Should Ferrari create future models inspired by classics?

Studying history enables mankind to avoid the mistakes of its forefathers, and evolve and develop what they did right. When it comes to designing cars, the same logic applies. Ferrari is a carmaker that is always looking forward but, as these stunning renderings demonstrate, could benefit from looking back at its most iconic models when penning future car designs. The work of rendering artist, George Yoo, this series of futuristic Ferrari designs are inspired by classic Prancing Horses, namely the P3/4, Dino, Testarossa and Ferrari F40.

The yellow-and-black creation is said to draw inspiration from the P3/4, yet the similarities between the cars are hard to see. The all yellow Ferrari is obviously inspired by the Dino, with its muscular front fenders, while the modern-day take on the F40 is arguably the best-looking and most striking of the bunch. We'd love to see Ferrari create a limited edition car based on arguably its most revered model. But as with other retro Ferrari concepts that appear to go down very well with car enthusiasts, there's almost zero chance of Ferrari doing something like this for real.

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