Ferrari Is Building One Last LaFerrari That's Destined To Sell For Millions

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It's for a good cause, not greed!

Back on August 24th a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck central Italy. The destruction was massive and the death toll high, with Independent Online saying the most recent count was 294 lives lost. It was this death and destruction that inspired Ferrari to create one last LaFerrari. Ferrari's CEO and FCA chairman Sergio Marchionne announced that the 500th LaFerrari would be auctioned off for charity, with the proceeds benefiting the people of Central Italy whose lives were destroyed by the earthquake.

Marchionne didn't provide any other details on the car or its production. It's hard to say whether or not Ferrari will dress up the 500th LaFerrari. On the one hand any minor alteration would drive the price up. But on the other hand it's in bad taste to use a tragic event as an excuse to show off new technology and design. Our money is on a LaFerrari that looks like all the rest, although we'd expect it to have special badging and maybe an exclusive paint job. Regardless of its features this supercar should sell for a ton. It's technically the last example ever made and the purchase benefits a great cause.

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