Ferrari Is Done Worrying About People's Hatred Of Turbos

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Turbos are clearly a major part of the company's future.

With the debut of the 488, Ferrari angered a lot of purists who didn't like the idea of a turbocharged Ferrari. Ferrari Australia was flooded with concerns from buyers when the California T was revealed, with worries that the downsized engine would not be responsive or sound good enough. Now, after good response from the 488 and California T, Ferrari thinks that the naysayers have been silenced. At the first Australian drive of the new 488 Spider, Ferrari Australasia president and CEO Herbert Appleroth told GoAuto that buyers love the 3.9-liter turbocharged V8.

Appleroth said that the initial fears over the turbocharged engine have faded. "That was the initial reaction when we made the announcement firstly with the California T. There was an initial 'wow okay Ferrari is going that way what's going to happen?' And we proved everyone wrong." He went on to say that "We've turned the turbo world on its head and produced the world's best turbo. The 488 has gone beyond that and what people think of turbocharging and set a new benchmark." We would tend to agree with Mr. Appleroth's evaluation, because it looks like Ferrari is moving full steam ahead with its turbocharged engines, the latest of which appears in the new GTC4Lusso T.

Turbocharging on a Ferrari is nothing new. In fact, the F40, one of the most legendary supercars of all time, had two turbochargers. As long as Ferrari can keep the purity there, it doesn't matter if the engine has two turbos. Even though the 488 doesn't really sound turbocharged, we still don't believe that it sounds quite as good as its predecessor.


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