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Ferrari is Madly, Deeply in Love With Itself


And that's a good thing.

Ferrari rules. It can do no wrong. And we’re not making that up. Ferrari, without using those exact words, even says so. The Italian supercar maker has just issued a press release stating that, “once again this year, (it) is the strongest brand in the world.” This finding was the result of a study conducted by British company Brand Finance, a world leader in brand evaluation. Ferrari beat out global brand rivals such as Coca-Cola and Disney for the distinction.

And because Ferrari is doing so well on a global scale, it actually cut back on production in 2013 and still saw its revenues increase by five percent. Even its profit margins rose by 15.6 percent. The reason for the production decrease was because Ferrari didn’t want its cars to lose their value. In other words, Ferrari felt that too many new Ferraris on the road wasn’t a good thing. How many other car companies can claim something like this? At the same time, Ferrari is sitting on a pile of cash in the bank which is partly being used to fund future innovations. Ferrari, you truly are something special. We tip our hats to you.

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