Ferrari Is Readying 350 Special Editions For Its 70th Anniversary

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That's one hell of a birthday present.

Ferrari is set to celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2017 with a bonanza of special editions, 350 in total. Each of the supercar company's five cars currently on sale will get a special edition, with each special edition limited to 70 units apiece. The news was first relayed during the Ferrari Cavalcade event that recently took place in Venice, Italy, which featured 100 Ferrari owners and collectors. Yes, this was the same event where and F12tdf caught fire and also where a LaFerrari ended up stuck on a rock. Glass half full, right?


The automaker's history will inspire the design of each special edition, with Enrico Galliera, Ferrari's marketing and commercial head , saying: "The whole team at Maranello went back through the 70-year history of the company and tried to identify the most iconic cars of the past in the history of the company, the most iconic exteriors, the most iconic interiors." He promised that every car would be unique and "feature the highest technology and design capability of the company." As for who can get their hands on one of these special models, well that's a more difficult question to answer. Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne told owners at the closing dinner of the Ferrari Cavalcade that he is working with Galliera to decide who gets each car.

Picking which millionaire gets to your special edition Ferrari is the definition of a First World problem, but Marchionne does sound genuinely torn by the task. "It is painful, it is something I wish I did not have to do, but it is required by the brand, and so if there is anyone in this audience here I might have mistreated in this process I apologise upfront. Just keep in mind these limited edition cars will come again and we will make sure we will remedy any wrong doings at that time." Life is hard, but you know what isn't? Drooling over special editions of the 488, 488 Spider, F12, California T and GTC4Lusso.

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