Ferrari Is Thrilled Rivals Are Copying Its Supercars


But beating Ferrari is another story.

For years Ferrari was the most well-established and successful supercar company in the world. Lamborghini wasn't a serious rival until the Volkswagen Group bought the brand in 1998 when it finally got its act together, financially speaking, for Ferrari to really start taking it seriously. Porsche? It’s not devoted exclusively to supercars or anything with at least a six-figure price tag. New Ferrari rivals now also include McLaren and a revamped Aston Martin thanks to CEO Andy Palmer. Given this serious new competition (and likely more to come), how does Ferrari feel about it? Is it worried?

Autocar asked Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri this very question and his response was, well, typical of Ferrari. "Imitation is the best form of flattery,” he said. "We’re flattered.” But don’t think for a moment that Ferrari isn’t prepared to up its game in light of the upcoming electric revolution.

Even Pininfarina, for years the go-to design studio for Ferrari, has joined the hypercar industry with its own offerings, most recently the all-electric Battista. The Battista also happens to borrow its platform from the Rimac Concept_Two.

Don’t think for a moment Ferrari hasn’t taken notice of what these other carmakers are up to. Yes, they’re both a lot smaller and have far less money, but each one offers something even more unique than a Ferrari. It’s not like you see Ferraris every day, unless you live in a few certain cities. But you’re far more unlikely to see a Rimac or a Pininfarina roll on by no matter where you live. Aston Martin and McLaren have both taken several pages right out of the Ferrari playbook in terms of branding.

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Ferrari was one of the first carmakers to start selling branded clothing, watches, and other accessories. Heck, there’s even a Ferrari World amusement park in Abu Dhabi. In the near future Aston Martin will launch its own mid-engined Ferrari rival, the all-new Vanquish Vision, as well as a couple of other even more extreme mid-engine hypercars. McLaren continues to launch new product under its Track 2025 plan. It’s a great time for supercars and hypercars.

Bless Ferrari for setting the pace for everyone else.