Ferrari Isn't The Only Supercar Company With A Movie On The Way

This is going to be epic.

When we heard a biopic was being produced about Enzo Ferrari, starring Robert De Niro as an older Enzo and Christian Bale in earlier years, we got pretty excited. Now word is there's going to be another film about a famous racing driver: Bruce McLaren. A documentary about the New Zealand-born Formula One and Can-Am racing driver is currently being produced by the New Zealand Film Commission. Roger Donaldson will direct. The film, to be called “McLaren,” will show the New Zealander's racing career and the automotive brand named after him.

It’s scheduled to be in theaters by 2016. Here's hoping it comes out around the same time as the Ferrari flick. Imagine a double feature of a De Niro/Bale Ferrari drama and a McLaren documentary.

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